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    The Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation is delighted to welcome Freemasons Victoria in a substantial partnership to raise funds for the delivery of further projects in public hospitals throughout the State.

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Blue Ribbon Welcomes Freemasons Victoria

The Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation is delighted at the recent announcement by Freemasons Victoria to join the Blue Ribbon family in a significant partnership that will benefit the community of Victoria.

Freemasons Victoria Grand Master, Hillel Benedykt, made the announcement stating there were many similarities between the two organisations, especially the relationship of giving to and helping our communities. Freemasons Victoria, who are celebrating 125 years of Grand Lodge in 2014, especially want to engage with the Blue Ribbon Foundation's 17 branches throughout Victoria so that assistance and support can be given at a local level and for many of our regional hospitals.

Blue Ribbon Foundation Chairman, Bill Noonan, said; "We are honoured to be joined in this partnership by such a prestigeous organisation and I know that together, we will able to do some incredible work over the next two years. Members of both our organisations are committed to making Victoria a better place so by joining forces, we should be able to achieve so much more over the next two years"