Honour Roll



Jones, Frederick

Constable, 7297

At about 8.20 pm on Monday, 1st March, 1943, Senior Constable Jones was shot dead whilst standing at the intersection of Church Street and Bridge Road, Richmond.
The murderer, Norman Morris Searle, had fired from a passing taxi cab in which he was a passenger. He was arrested later the same night and charged with the murder of the Constable and with shooting at the cab driver.
It was alleged he confessed to shooting Jones by mistake, and in fact had meant to murder another Constable against whom he held a grudge. He denied this at his trial, claiming he had been under the influence of alcohol and could not recall the incident. He was convicted of murder at the Melbourne Supreme Court and sentenced to life imprisonment.



Atkin, Garth Elvin

Constable, 9991

At about 10 p.m. on Thursday, 22nd October 1948, Constable Atkin was riding a police motor cycle north along St. Georges Road, North Fitzroy, when he collided with the rear of a truck parked near the intersection with Tranmer Street. Atkin died at the scene from injuries received.


Koop, Max Herbert

Constable, 9688

At about midnight on Wednesday, 31st December 1947, Constable Koop, who was performing temporary duty at the Mornington Police Station, was on a motor cycle patrol of Pt. Nepean Road, Mt. Martha, when his motor cycle ran off the road and he was severely injured. The cause of the accident is unknown, but it was thought at the time he may have been forced off the road by oncoming traffic. Although removed to the Alfred Hospital he never regained consciousness, and on 2nd January 1948 he died from the injuries he had received.