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NEW! What Retirement?

NEW! What Retirement?

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After a lifetime of work many people look forward to spending their golden years of retirement playing golf, travelling or sipping cocktails on the back decking. When Bill retired, he wondered what retirement would be like and set out to record his activities in 2013, 'a year in retirement. Having retired from the position of Secretary of the TRansport Workers Union in 2009, his work as a volunteer had continued. Busy roles including chairing the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation, the Institute for Breathing & Sleep, as Deputy Chair of Western Melbourne Regional Development Australia. This afforded Bill valuable and rewarding opportunities to engage with quality people, organisations and the community.

As the book evolved it became clear that Bill needed to document some of his childhood experiences, subsequent work life and the ongoing love and support of family & friends. Retirement, What Retirement? is a good read about a good bloke who has spent most of his life caring about others and is still doing it in retirement.