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COVID 19 – Providing life saving support to your local hospital


The Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation has a long history of supporting hospitals throughout Victoria.  In fact, the Foundation has just dedicated its 57th living memorial, named in honour of a member/s of Victoria Police who died protecting our community.  Each and every hospital project aims to do just that – remember lives by saving others.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic,  now more than ever, we need to all work together as communities to support our hospitals and dedicated health care teams.

After consulting with a number of hospitals we know that the most important equipment is going to be ventilators and other respiratory and emergency equipment. So, we’ve launched an appeal so that Victorians who are able to, can make a contribution to help buy more of this vital equipment for their LOCAL hospital.

Our doctors, nurses and allied health staff are working hard to manage increasing demand on our hospitals, including our emergency departments and intensive care units.  Your donation will help us access additional lifesaving equipment and resources at this challenging time. Thank you for your kind support.

-Dr John Dyett, Intensive Care Services, Eastern Health

How you can help

Donations – We know these are difficult times for many but if you are able to support this appeal, please make a donation, nominate the hospital and we will donate those funds to support the public hospital with the vital equipment they need. Donations $2 and over are tax deductible.


Buy a Bear – You can also support our public hospitals and health care teams, when you buy one of our Constable T Bears, as we will donate the value of your purchase to your nominated public hospital.

Buy a Bear