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  • Address: P.O. Box 4298 Frankston Heights 3199
  • Phone: 9775 5978
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    The Peninsula Branch of the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation was launched in May, 2011. It will engage with communities from Frankston and along the Mornington Peninsula to remember members of Victoria Police who have been killed in the line of duty. The focus of their work will be to raise money to install 'living memorials' in both the Frankston & Rosebud hospitals. Projects funded by the branch will be named in memory of fallen officers.

    The Edward Simmons Emergency Resuscitation Unit was dedicated in December 2013 through a donation of $100,000 from the Peninsula Branch and the Blue Ribbon Foundation. On 2nd May, 2014 the Clyde Smith Emergency Resuscitation Unit will be dedicated at Rosebud Hospital thanks to a further donation of $50,000. Additional Glide Scope equipment has also been purchased for use in both hospitals.

    For further information or to join this branch as a volunteer contact Darryl or Rhon Nation on 9775 5978.