Concert to Remember

On May 9, we celebrated Mother’s Day with a very special ‘Concert to Remember’ featuring one of Australia’s internationally renowned musical theatre performers – Josh Piterman star of Phantom of the Opera London and Sydney, accompanied by leading Australian musical director, pianist and composer John Foreman OAM and Australian singer and musician Lisa Edwards. They were also be joined by Des Flanagan who will star in the upcoming Moulin Rouge The Musical and is a local to the north east region of Victoria.

This fundraising event was in honour of Victorian Police Officers who have died in the line of duty. Proceeds will go to the Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation North-East branch supporting and investing back into local hospitals. It truly was a ‘Concert to Remember’ – thank you Josh Piterman, Des Flanagan, Lisa Edwards and John Foreman for your stunning performances.  

Special thanks to our North East Branch committee, Chief Commissioner Shane Patton, Deputy Commissioner Ross Guenther and the sponsors and local community for supporting this event.

In honour of those that served and protected our community.