Blue Ribbon Day

Get Involved

We encourage you to show your support for Victoria Police on Blue Ribbon Day

Attend a memorial service – on 29 September you can attend the metropolitan service at Kings Domain or one of the regional services to recognise police who have died in the line of duty.

Get involved on social media Show your support via social media using the hashtags #BlueRibbonDay2020  #BRD2020

Donate to our Blue Ribbon Day Appeal – We remember lives by saving others. Building new and improved emergency facilities in Victorian hospitals that are then named in memory of fallen officers.

Proceeds from Blue Ribbon Day help to fund these project named in their honour.  You can donate online

Wear a blue ribbon – The blue ribbon is a visual symbol of your remembrance of  the police officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. It is also a symbol of support for our serving Victoria Police. You can purchase from our online store.

Resources to download

Social media

Social Media

Social Media