Edward Simmons

The Edward Simmons Emergency Resuscitation Unit

Frankston Hospital

When the Peninsula Branch of the Blue Ribbon Foundation received its Charter we jointly made a commitment to Peninsula Health to assist with funding for new emergency facilities at Frankston & Rosebud Hospitals. it was decided that we would fund the installation/upgrades of emergency resuscitation units at both hospitals – a four-bed unit at Frankston and one-bed unit at Rosebud.

The ERU at Frankston was dedicated as a Police Memorial in honour of Constable Edward Keith Simmons who died in the line of duty at Frankston on 24 December, 1957. Constable Simmons had two young children who, on Christmas Eve, were waiting for him to return home.

At the dedication ceremony, Constable Simmons’ now adult children stated that this was the long-awaited Christmas present from all those years ago.