Kennedy, Lonigan and Scanlan

The Kennedy, Lonigan & Scanlan Emergency Resuscitation Unit

Epworth Health, Richmond

The Emergency Unit and Critical Care building at Epworth Richmond has been fully redeveloped to provide increased capacity and state of the art critical care. It is one of the few private hospitals to focus so heavily on emergency care and often treats members of Victoria Police and other emergencies services who are injured on the job. The Emergency Resuscitation area is a new and fully modern facility. It is critical in the hospitals treatment of emergency patients, especially those experiencing cardiac and breathing issues from a wide range of illnesses and injury. This new emergency facility was named in memory of Sergeant Michael Kennedy, Constable Thomas Lonigan and Constable Michael Scanlan who were ambushed and murdered in the line of duty by the Greta Mob, later to be known as the Kelly Gang, at Stringybark Creek in October 1878.

We would especially like to acknowledge our funding partners in the project – Freemasons Victoria and the Organising Committee of the Remember Ball.